What it is

A platform for yogis in the nordic countries looking for great instruction videos from the best instructors.

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The project
A product development project for Yogobe, made from scratch.
Find your inner peace, strenght and beauty. Namaste.
The mission
Yoga as a service. Access your favourite instructors anywhere.


The start up company Yogobe wanted to create an online service which provided subscriptions of yoga instructions and training programs for a monthly fee.
Yoga anywhere via video tutorials and be inspired by some of the best yoga instructors in Sweden. With Yogobe you can do your practice when, where and how often you want. They also function as a guide within travel, education, music and much more.

This is Yogobe

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What we have done

The service is basically a Netflix for yoga videos. We had to work a lot with different user roles and access rights to different content, since depending on the type of subscription the user would have access to different content. Integration with payment systems and of course an easy to understand CMS for the instructors to upload their new content were also a big part of the development.


Continued development has been handled by a freelancer, and the service has expanded to Norway and Finland as well.


Yoga is the physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that aims to transform body and mind.
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