What it is

The primary source for students at Uppsala University, Swedens oldest university, to register for the student nations, unions and apply for housing.

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Trying to tackle the increasing problem with student housing by making it all accessible online.
Student unions
Get organized and fight the power. No, but, you know, join a nation, meet new friends and drink beer!
The nation guide
Stay updated with all the latest events, clubs and other student organized events all over Uppsala.


A couple of the student nations in Uppsala joined forces to produce a common site where new students easily could read about how to sign up for new housing as well as actually register at the nations and sign up for housing. Being former students in Uppsala ourselves, with intimate knowledge of the pen and paper approach many nations used, it was a fun and challenging project to help them enter the digital era.

What we have done

We created front- and backend for the project. Design was provided by an external agency. It was technically challenging because so many of the nations had different rules regulating who could apply for what type of accomodation. They also wanted to be able to edit the site's content quite a lot which was why we had to create quite an extensive admin, covering both handling members at the nations, the queues to the housings and the content of the site.

As uppsalastudent became a well used tool, some of the other nations also wanted to add their housings to the system, which led to additional development in the summer of 2013.


Being one of our earliest projects, there are of course things we've learned along the way that had we the time and budget we'd change in uppsalastudent. We're still maintaining the system and it's working satisfactorily, but there are no major changes planned for the forseeable future, so we'll see if we get a chance to update it someday.


At present Uppsala's nations own roughly 3500 residences.
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