We built a web based gigapixel photo viewer to showcase the great screen of the new Samsung Tab S.

Launch site
Best on Samsung, Made for all
The game is centered about the Samsung Tab S but works on all newer devices.
The mission
Zoom, pan and interact with the gigalpixel photograph and find all the details to compete for a spot on the high score.
We teamed up with our friends over at Wenderfalck for this one.


Early summer 2014 we got a call from our relatively new partner Wenderfalck asking us if we wanted to collaborate on a project for Samsung. We said yes (of course) and together we created this technically challenging application to promote the new tablet Tab S.

What we've done

The application is a game where the player is presented with a gigapixel photograph in which they can pan and zoom in a "google mapsy" kind of way. The player is then presented with a hundred items (one at a time) located somewhere in the picture, and the goal is to find them all in the shortest time possible. If an item is particularly hard and the user doesn't find it within 90 seconds, the user has an option to display a hint as to what area the item is in. At any time the user can enter their name to the high score, and their result is updated as they find more items.

Python Python
Javascript Javascript

We did the whole technical solution using python, HTML, scss and of course a whole lot of javascript. We chose the angular framework and also took advantage of inuit.css. We had to rack our brains for all our combined image managing knowledge; each photograph in the application had a file size of several gigs; the largest around 15, making them impossible to save in any normal file format. We needed to tile the pictures at several different zoom levels for use in the application, so we manually had to divide them into pieces small enough to save as JPGs, and then run scripts on those files to divide them into tiles of 512x512px. It took a lot of time running those scripts!


Client happy; we're happy. We're actually rather impressed with ourselves for creating something that works so well in just a few short weeks. So impressed and content with the result that we've put our image solution (tiling, zooming, panning, etc) up on our GitHub for all you guys out there who don't want to do this from scratch. We hope it'll be of some use!

Tiled Image Viewer @ Github

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