What it is

An interactive music video that showcases ONLY's latest collection.

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Interactive music and UI
You can pause the video at anytime, and get more information about the clothes the actors are wearing in that shot.
We worked together with North Kingdom, and Dinahmoe took care of the interactive sound.
During the video you can interact with the experience, depending on your choices you'll get a chance to win a pair of ONLY jeans.
Adobe FWA
SotM & SotD, 2012
Cannes Lions Gold
1 Gold & 2 silver 2013
Clio Awards
Gold & Bronze 2013
Webby Awards
Best use of video 2012


ONLY needed a new and viral way of showcasing their latest collection. The solution was an online movie called The Liberation that also contained an interactive shopping experience.

Anytime during the movie the user could hit pause, and the frame freezes. You can then click on every item of clothing worn by the characters, to browse, like, pin, tweet and buy.

ONLY Because we can

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What we've done

We built the backend and took care of hosting and assets. The backend handled different regions, and the gamification part with the algorithms for calculating if a visitor was a winner, depending on the region, jeans available and such.

We also took care of the forms and validations that the user got to fill in if he or she was one of the lucky ones who got a pair of jeans.

Further reading

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Only is a Danish fashion brand present in 23 markets and sold in more than 6,500 wholesale stores worldwide.
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