What it is

A real life experience where the participants chase a virtual Mini Cooper with their phones, with a real car as the grand prize.

A campaign that is built around a peak in users as the competiton ends. We needed to scale with the demand.
The mission
Chase a virtual Mini using your smartphone, and have a chance of winning a real car!
We worked with Jung von Matt and Monterosa.
Cannes Lions Bronze
Bronze in Promo & Media 2011
Cannes Lions Gold
Cyber Gold 2011
Clio Awards
Clio Awards Gold Innovative Media & Bronze Interactive 2011
One Show
One Show Gold Interactive 2011


This digital adaption of the game of tag surrounds a virtual MINI car. The game challenges you to hunt, catch and escape with a virtual MINI using a smartphone app. To catch the car, you have to get within 50m of the virtual MINI and press “Take The MINI Now” in the app and then escape as fast as possible, because anyone else who gets within 50m of you can instantly take the virtual MINI back. If you are the person holding the virtual MINI after 7 days of 24/7 gaming, you’ll win a real car.

What we've done

We took care of all the backend work, as well as an interface for the people handling the competition. This was one of our earliest campaigns built on Google App Engine, and we learned a lot about some more or less common pitfalls.
We also took care of a lot of anti-cheat mechanisms as there were a lot of people trying to manipulate the game to win the car.

Our backend work was used for the campaign in Tokyo and Copenhagen.

Mini Getaway Tokyo

Watch the video

Check out the other videos as well

Mini Getaway Tokyo Mini Getaway Copenhagen


This campaign won a lot of awards, and we made a name for ourselves as a premium backend partner for ad agencies looking for scalability.

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