What it is

A giveaway campaign with a digital twist for McDonald's McWRAP.

The whole campaign ran inside of the McDonalds app, and the server architecture was built on Google App Engine.
The mission
Grab that digital wrap! Bring it to your nearest McDonalds and trade it for a real McWrap.
Our partners
We worked together with Apegroup and DDB Stockholm on the campaign.


When McDonalds released their new McWrap, the first non-campaign product at McDonalds for a looong time, we got to work with Apegroup and DDB on the campaign. The tagline for the campaign was "Too good to put down" and the app revolved around that concept. The user had to keep a finger pointed at the screen while getting to the closest McDonalds, to upon arrival be rewarded with a free McWrap.

Hitta en McWrap

Watch the video

What we have done

We created the backend API that the iPhone and Android app communicated with, as well as the administrative interface for McDonald's where they could schedule drops of wraps, and follow the activity in real time. The system also communicated with McDonalds API which stored all data about their shops, coordinates and such.

The system was built upon the Google App Engine infrastructure to handle all the scaling challenges with such a high profile brand as McDonalds.

The system also exposed some metrics, for example how many wraps that were close to a specific store, that were shown to the customers on the stores' displays.

International adaptions

After the success with Go&Get for McWrap in Sweden an international release wasn't far behind. The same concept was used in Norway but with free coffee instead of wraps.


McDonald's sells more than 75 hamburgers every second
Sound awesome?

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