What it is

Where's the party by Carlsberg is an interactive music video for Axwell, made to promote the yearly event Where's the party.

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Interactive music
Depending on how you follow the beat, the music will progress or fade out.
Music by Axwell, concept & design by North Kingdom, production by us, sound design by Dinahmoe.
The mission
Follow the beat to find out when and where that party is.


Carlsberg annually hosts a rather large party. Summer 2013 they drafted Axwell to perform and wanted to create some hype both for the party and Axwell's new single Center of the universe.

North Kingdom once again got their creative geniouses going and proposed an interactive video in which the user could find clues to the wherabouts of the party by following the beat. Carlsberg also wanted to hand out merch, making following the beat a sort of competition as well.

Initially, we were just doing backend for the competition, but as time ran short for the NK developers, we also got to do the frontend parts of the competition. We've never had so many flow charts on the walls of the office! How hard can it be to hand out merch?? With somewhere between 10-20 countries, each with different merch and different rules it caused some severe headaches.

Axwell - Center of the universe

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What we have done

The merch was to be distributed randomly; certain times were picked and whoever completed the beat closest after such a time had passed won a piece of merchandise. It was an external party that created the huge file with all the timestamps, we just did the import. Which was difficult enough to get correct, since we had some miscommunications about the ID:s of the different types of merch. Then proceeded checks to verify that there was a timestamp available, that the user had indeed followed the beat correctly and so on. All done in python.

On the frontend side of things, there were different flows depending on what country you had selected as yours, but other than that it was pretty straight forward HTML and CSS.


There was a party. Axwell was there. However, we ourselves look back on this project as one of the tougher ones of 2013; it taught us how important it is to structure code and work load with clear guide lines as to how to do something and who's supposed to do it. We're happy to say we've improved immensely in these regards.


10,000 tickets sold to the main party event in Stockholm – the largest crowd ever for Where’s the Party
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