What it is

Billogram is an online service aimed at smaller Swedish companies, making invoicing easier and helping the companies save time.

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The project
A product development project for Billogram. Create the MVP for a new financial service.
The mission
Simplify how businesses gets paid for their work.
The success
Billogram have processed more than 2.5 billion SEK in payments.
Best enterprise app
Hottest Digital Entrepreneurs 2013
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Featured article in IDG's Computer Sweden


We helped the startup Billogram to develop the first version of their online invoice service. The service was meant to make invoicing easier; with easy overview of what's been paid, what is still pending and which invoices are overdue.

Automatic reminders for overdue payments and built-in escalation to collectors enables the customer to invoice once and then let the system take care of the rest.

What we have done

We provided technical expertise and actual programming, basically becoming Billogram's tech department. Development spanned over about two years, during which the first prototypes and betas were developed.

Integrations with the Swedish Central Banking System and applying all the legal regulations to invoicing provided technical challenges

This is Billogram

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In late 2013 Billogram aquired the programmers that had been working on the service and are now on their way to expand into other countries.


8000+ Entrepreneurs have so far chosen Billogram’s service.
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