What it is

The Big Blog Exchange is a non-profit initiative giving anyone the chance to explore the world through blogging

Launch site
The site
The site is driven mostly by it’s participating bloggers, with the site changing appearance and content depending on submissions.
The mission
Attract bloggers around the globe to participate in what could be described as a foreign-exchange student programme.
A lot of bloggers
633 bloggers from 60 countries and a total of 128 248 votes.


Hostelling International works to provide safe, affordable accomodations to promote cultural exchange among youths. With this in mind Pond developed the concept of the Big blog exchange; what better way to learn about a new culture than to live it?

Pond wanted bloggers from all over the world to sign up for the challenge, promoting their own blogs and gaining votes to become the top blogs of their continent. The most popular blogs would then be paired up and the writers would swap lives with each other, blogging about it all the while.

Early designs

What we have done

We were hired to to do both front- and backend on the project; signing up, voting and displaying the selected blog entries during the exchange. E-mail integrations to help spread the word and for the 2014 edition we also helped with design.


The Big blog exchange was such a hit in 2013 that it was repeated for 2014 with some updated designs but with the same concept. It is at the moment of writing just about to close down voting and determine this years winners.

The Exchange 2014

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