About us

Agigen (pronounced as in Agile Generation) was founded in 2009 by Daniel, Johan and Jonas who got tired of web production being such a hard and complicated experience with painfully bad results. We wanted it to be fast, creative and fun to work with us. We wanted to make the web a better place.

Today we are fast, creative and fun, but we're far from finished. As the web constantly changes so do we; staying up to date with new technologies, adapting the ways we communicate with our clients and learning from our projects to be able to work smarter. That way we continuously make the web, and ourselves, better.

Our office is our second home

We don't use shoes at our office. It makes the office feel like home. And it prevents stinky feet.

We're a small company with big ideas

At Agigen, we have a familiar atmosphere where we let our personal quirks show. There might not be many of us, but we complement each other well, and our team consists of carefully handpicked individuals. We've all got our strengths, and a few weaknesses, but we all share the ambition to create great things for the web, and use each other's expertise to realise our goal.

Join us

We're always looking for new talents, so if you feel things like Javascript, scalability, pixel-perfect designs or mobile apps are the kind of stuff you love, you should know that we want you!

The fearless panda

Let the spirit of the fearless red panda inspire you.

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We work together

In smaller groups or when we need the big guns, we call a clan meeting. It ensures that no one is solely responsible for any one thing. It also makes knowledge sharing easier. We encourage each other to learn: to pursue our passions, listen to one another, and access new knowledge.

We love what we do

Everybody says it but really, we have a lot of fun. Why the hell else would we be here?

Sound too good to be true?

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114 57 Stockholm
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114 57 Stockholm